Samsung Gear Icon X

The Samsung Gear IconX Wireless Earbuds are some of the most versatile on the market. Ergonomically designed for listeners on the go, the earbuds come equipped with everything you need to listen to music, monitor your exercise and make calls on the go.

imageAlthough they don’t offer the same level of technological sophistication as a fitness tracker on their own, these stylish and discreet earbuds are ideal for the person who wants a simple, all-in-one product.

The 2018 Gear IconX is the second iteration of Samsung’s wireless earbuds. Although the first generation had a battery life of about two hours, the current generation’s battery life has seven hours of MP3 playback, five hours in Bluetooth streaming mode and four hours talk time. The earbuds also boast quick charging capabilities — plug them in for 10 minutes, and you’re good for up to one hour of use.


One of the most intriguing features of the Gear IconX is the ambient sound level control. This component lets you control the outside sound volume, letting you tune out distracting noise; or, alternatively, you can use the “Voice focus” feature to better hear those around you without having to take out your earbuds.


As mentioned above, Samsung designed these earbuds for listeners on the go, even inserting a heart rate sensor into the earbuds themselves to keep track of your movements. The Gear IconX’s Auto Tracking mode detects walking or jogging if you’ve been moving consistently for more than 10 minutes, logging your time, distance and calories expended. If you need a little extra motivation on your run, long press to start the built-in Running Coach feature.

All in all, the Gear IconX are an excellent product for active individuals who want a single tech solution that fulfills many functions.