Samsung Galaxy S10 Leak Exposes Potential Cancellation

The Galaxy S10 may be getting more controversial with each passing day, but it remains Samsung’s biggest upgrade in years. Leaks tell us the flagship 10th-anniversary device will be the largest phone the company has ever made, sport an all-new design and six cameras. But, worryingly, new information suggests it might be vapourware…  

Samsung has quietly confirmed its new Galaxy S10 range by submitting it for certification in Russia. But the flagship is missing.

What Samsung certified was the ‘SM-G973F’ (the standard 5.8-inch Galaxy S10), the ‘SM-G975F’ (the 6.2-inch Galaxy S10+) and their dual sim (DS) variants, along with the ‘SM-G970F’- an all-new ‘flat’ Galaxy S10 budget model. Though the new 6.7-inch, six camera Galaxy S10 flagship currently only known as ‘Beyond X’ was not there.

In early October, Samsung also submitted the Galaxy S10 range for certification in China and the Beyond X was missing as well. That did not raise suspicion at the time as the February launch date was still four months away. But with the Beyond X still missing two months later (and certification can be a lengthy process), concern is building that Samsung has bitten off more than it can chew.

Of course, the name is a giveaway. Apple’s 10th-anniversary flagship iPhone was the iPhone X, so Samsung codenaming its 10th-anniversary model ‘Beyond X’ is a clear statement of intent.

Alongside the aforementioned 6.7-inch display and six cameras, it will also be the first Samsung phone and only Galaxy S10 version to support 5G. There will also have the world’s first ’ultrasonic’ in-display fingerprint reader and new gradient color schemes, they are coming to the other models.

Samsung recently confirmed it has the horsepower to pull this off, but doubts about whether the company can deliver the “very significant” upgrade it promised now must be mounting. After all, there has already been one high profile Galaxy cancellation this year…

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